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"My children love the Agent Emes movies!  And I love that they are learning good lessons.  Keep up the great work."
- Norman W, Canada

#3: The Case of the Missing Pushka Agent Emes DVD Bundle - All THIRTEEN episodes
Featuring Subtitles for the hearing impaired

Agent Emes cracks the case of the missing giant pushka. A mystery about charity, helping others, giving the benefit of the doubt, and honoring one's parents.
Limit one set per customer
#13: Agent Emes... Riding on a Donkey #4: Agent Emes and the Giant Ego


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Uncle Evil infiltrates cousin Pinny's birthday party, and makes off with an innocent donkey.  It's up to Agent Emes to track him down, and find out why.

Running time: 45 Minutes
recommended for anyone age 5 and up

Agent Emes and Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski confront a giant obstacle together in this special Passover adventure. Running time: 45 minutes.
#12: Agent Emes and the One That Got Away Agent Emes authorized sunglasses

A thrilling, fun look at how idol-worship presents itself in modern times; as well as the challenges of Jewish outreach and the battle between good and evil happening within all of us.

Running time: 52 Minutes
recommended for anyone age 5 and up

Wear the actual glasses worn by Agent Emes in the hit DVD series. Sturdy rubber frame, and plastic lenses with  UV protection!