#12: Agent Emes and the One That Got Away

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  • A thrilling, fun look at how idol-worship presents itself in modern times; as well as the challenges of Jewish outreach and the battle between good and evil happening within all of us.Running time: 52 Minutes
    recommended for anyone age 5 and up
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Shpittsburgh is electing a new mayor and the fate of the city hangs in the balance.

A freshly-revived Uncle Evil (David Dietz) is running for mayor of Shpittsburgh against the beloved incumbent, Mayor Bupkis, and is rapidly gaining in the polls!

Agent Emes (Matti Wechsler) is on the case, and knows that Uncle Evil’s success is more than just the result of his awful personality. The fearless secret agent soon discovers that Shpittsburgh’s problems are due to the oldest, most serious spiritual failing of all: Idol Worship!

To make matters worse, there is a city-wide Mitzvah challenge, and Benzi Epstein (Agent Emes’ alter ego) is failing miserably in his attempt to bring world-famous golfer, Zak Schneiderman back to the fold of Torah observance.

Several seemingly disconnected events come together in the kind of exciting climax that Jewish children everywhere have come to expect from this professionally-made, amusing, entertaining, and action-packed series.

Agent Emes creator, Leibel Cohen, has once again crafted a memorable adventure tale which explores the following Torah themes:

  • Anger and Idol Worship
  • Divine Providence
  • The Good and Evil Inclinations
  • The essential bond every Jews has with Hashem

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