#2: Rabbi-Napped

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The earth is teetering on the brink of destruction, and it has something to do with kidnapped rabbis. Can Agent Emes solve the case?

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When unexplained earthquakes threaten planet Earth, it’s up to Agent E to find out why. But the only clue he has is that a group of rabbis have been kidnapped. It’s the fiendish Dr. Lo-Tov, of course, up to his old tricks, and only with the help of G-d, and some inspired classmates, can Agent Emes stop him and rescue the rabbis — and the world. This episode focuses on the importance of Torah learning, especially among Jewish children. Along the way, it delves into the way in which G-d created the world, and the responsibility the Jewish people have to help to maintain it. Suitable for children age 3 and older.


  • Blooper Reel

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