#9: Agent Emes and The Sofer Situation

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Shpittsburgh’s sofer and his new Sefer Torah have gone missing, and Agent Emes must track them both down before a strange illness devastates Jewish children everywhere.
recommended for children ages 7 and older
Running time: 52 Minutes

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Time is running out on Agent Emes. Uncle Evil has abducted Shpittsburgh’s renowned sofer, Rabbi Abrams, in an attempt to sabotage a new Torah scroll being written for Jewish children. But the damage he causes strikes deep in the heart of the Jewish soul, and kids everywhere, including Agent Emes, are in danger!

While Agent E deciphers the confusing situation, Rabbi Abram’s young daughter, Devorah and her friend Chani, get mixed up in the scheme, when they find themselves trapped in the basement of Uncle Evil’s dastardly mother, Ma Lo-Tov.
This funny, exciting, and convoluted tale reaches its thrilling climax in the halls of Aveiros International’s famous tower, when… well you’ll just have to pick up your own copy to find out what happens.

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